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A great fence to keep the rabbits out from your garden beds

The Raised Bed Rabbit Fence is a simple but effective way to keep rabbits and other small animals from eating or digging up your garden.

This system is expandable, so you can add another kit if you want it longer. All-in-all, it’s an easy to assemble fence, and will be a useful addition to any raised bed garden with pest problems.

you can Get it from HERE.

4 Essential Equipment's For Starting Seeds Indoors

If you're a devoted gardener, buying flowers, veggies, and fruits as starts just doesn't feel right. You want to start your garden from scratch, which means starting your plants from seeds.

However you're going to need some seed starting gadgets if you are going to do it right.

How to speed up the germination of seeds Using a Seedling Heat Mat

I was looking for a large and cheap heat mat for a very long time. This one is very big and does a fantastic job for seed germination.

To try it out at first I planted 2 flats of seedlings. One flat I placed on the heat mat. and the other next to the heat mat. And what a difference! I planted on a Saturday morning and it had sprouts by Sunday morning. The other, non-heated flat is still hanging haven't spurted anything even after several days. the heat coils give consistent and evenly distributed heat perfectly creating a lot of condensation within the covered flat. So, i would recommend covering if you do use it.

I'm really happy I bought this seed mat and highly recommend it to anyone who plans on growing a lot of flowers, fruits or veggies from seeds.

by the way My cats like it too lol :-)

You can get the Seedling Heat Mat from here - Amazon

Great inexpensive lawn and garden sprayer

I've been using the Chapin 20000 garden sprayer for around five months and it has always worked flawlessly. This sprayer is very easy to use. The way it works is you fill the sprayer with your preferred chemical, pump the handle till the air pressure builds up (you can feel the resistance in the handle once the pressure is built) Then just point the nozzle and spray. Easy, Right!

The container is a good thick quality plastic, the wand is 12-inch and the hose is 28-inch which makes the maneuverability nice and easy. This sprayer have a handy funnel top that helps prevent chemical liquid going down the edges when you are filling the container.

I use this sprayer with insecticidal soap on my houseplants and in my garden. The wand has a nice wide spray width, an the nozzle is adjustable. The sprayer mists everything leaving a nice coat on the leaves without spraying out an excessive amount of insecticides. This is nice because my insecticide lasts much longer then in the past. I have never had any problems with this sprayer and would recommend this to everyone.

You can get this "Chapin 20000 Sprayer" from here - Amazon